Mastering iPhone Privacy: How to Hide Photos on iPhone (English Guide)

BY Jaber Posted August 10, 2023 Update August 14, 2023
Mastering iPhone Privacy: How to Hide Photos on iPhone (English Guide)

Protect your privacy with our step-by-step guide on how to hide photos on iPhone. Safeguard your personal memories effortlessly. Click here to learn the easy methods!

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In today's digital world, our smartphones hold countless personal and sensitive details, including photos. Sometimes, for various reasons, you might need to keep some of these photos private. If you're an iPhone user and you're wondering how to hide photos, you're in the right place.

Why Hide Photos on iPhone?

Personal Privacy

We all value our privacy, don't we? Some photos are simply meant to be seen only by you. It could be a surprise gift, a personal note, a work document, or any other private matter.

Avoiding Unnecessary Clutter

Perhaps you're giving a presentation, or sharing vacation snaps with friends on a big screen. Hiding personal photos prevents unexpected embarrassments and also keeps your album organized.

How to Hide Photos on iPhone

Using Built-in Features

Hiding Photos in iOS

It's simple. Open the Photos app, tap Select, choose the photo(s) you want to hide, tap the Share button, and then choose Hide. Confirm by tapping Hide Photo. Voila, the photos are now in the Hidden Album.

Unhiding Photos in iOS

Want to unhide them? Open the Photos app, tap on Albums, scroll down and tap Hidden under Utilities. Tap Select, choose the photos, tap Share, and then Unhide.

Using Third-party Apps

Some popular apps include Keepsafe, Private Photo Vault, and Secret Photo Album. These apps offer advanced features like PIN protection, decoy passwords, and break-in reports.

Maintaining the Hidden Album's Privacy

As of iOS 14, the Hidden Album is not so hidden—it's visible in the Albums tab. However, you can hide it in Settings > Photos > Hidden Album. Remember, this is not password-protected.

Alternative Method: Using Note App

Did you know you can lock photos in a note? Open Notes app, tap on the photo, tap Share, then Add to Notes. Choose a note or create a new one, tap Save. Open the note, tap the More button, and Lock the note.

Considerations when Hiding Photos on iPhone

While these methods enhance privacy, they're not entirely foolproof. Deleted hidden photos still appear in Recently Deleted. And if you're sharing your iCloud with others, they might still see your photos. Always ensure maximum security by using strong passwords and reliable apps.


In our increasingly connected world, safeguarding personal photos on our iPhones is not just about hiding them—it's about understanding the intricacies of our devices and using the available tools effectively. Remember, the ultimate aim is not just to hide, but to protect.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I password-protect the Hidden album on iPhone? No, the built-in feature doesn't allow password protection. For that, consider using third-party apps or the Notes app.

2. Can I hide videos the same way as photos on iPhone? Yes, the process for hiding videos is the same as hiding photos.

3. How can I ensure maximum privacy for my hidden photos? Use strong passwords, reliable third-party apps, and refrain from sharing your iCloud account with others.

4. Does hiding photos on iPhone save storage space? No, hiding photos does not free up storage space. The photos are simply moved to a different album.

5. What happens to my hidden photos if I lose my iPhone? If you have iCloud backup turned on, your hidden photos will be in your iCloud account and can be accessed from a new device.