What is the CPU and GPU? What is the difference between the CPU and GPU?

BY Jaber Posted August 10, 2023 Update August 14, 2023
What is the CPU and GPU? What is the difference between the CPU and GPU?

Explore the fundamentals of CPU and GPU. Understand their differences and unique functionalities. Boost your tech knowledge with our insightful guide.

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The processor is one of the essential components that must be available in any computer for it to function well or to function at all. Let's not forget that the technology world is advancing and introducing new hardware versions every time. In this simple and brief article, we will provide an explanation of both the CPU and the GPU and the difference between them. The origin of this topic is one of our friends who contacted us on the page with this question, so thanks to him.

I believe it is necessary for every computer user to know the components of a computer, including

what is CPU?

The CPU, which stands for Central Processing Unit. To simplify the concepts without delving into the complexities of microprocessors and transistors that make up the CPU, it is essentially an essential tool in a computer. We can say it is the brain of the computer. The processor handles the data processing in your computer, and without the processor, no operations can be performed on the computer at all. Therefore, it is important for the CPU to be powerful in order to smoothly handle large amounts of data.


The CPU is installed on the motherboard, and it processes the data passed directly from the computer's random access memory (RAM). Having a CPU and RAM with large capacities will provide fast computer usage. If the computer freezes or stops working, the problem is often attributed to a processor that is unable to process specific data or takes time to process it.

In short, the processor is the brain of the computer that processes the data passing through it during usage, and it is separate and located on the computer's motherboard.

Some of the most important CPU manufacturers include Intel and AMD.

what is the GPU?

The GPU, which stands for Graphical Processing Unit, is also a processor specialized in processing large-scale data and computations. The addition here is the "Graphical" aspect. The GPU can also handle graphical data better and provide it in high resolution. We need this feature, for example, in games. Running a massive game with high graphics requires a GPU for processing the game's graphical data. Similarly, when dealing with high-resolution videos such as 4K, the GPU comes into play. GPUs vary depending on the available cards in the market, but the modern ones are powerful and provide fantastic graphics, as you can clearly see while playing games.


Some of the most important GPU manufacturers are Nvidia, which is at the forefront, and also Intel.

What is the difference between CPU and GPU?


And which one is better? You might have these two questions in mind, wondering which one is superior, more powerful, and which one should be used. The CPU, in short, is capable of processing data primarily and handling any task or task you perform, especially in calculations, programming, and so on. However, it is not capable of dealing extensively with graphics. It can only handle basic graphics data, such as simple games or videos. But if we want a powerful processor that deals with graphics comprehensively and is capable of processing graphics alongside actual data, then we should incorporate the GPU. Today, there are companies that offer truly powerful GPUs that can transform your device into a powerful graphics machine at the data level as well. Even the most renowned CPU company, Intel, has ventured into manufacturing and providing GPUs because they are the future in the world of processor units. Therefore, undoubtedly, the GPU will be better, especially the high-performance versions of it.

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