What Channel Are the NFL Games on Today?

BY Jaber Posted August 10, 2023 Update August 14, 2023
What Channel Are the NFL Games on Today?

Find out which channels air NFL games today. Get the latest schedule, time, and network for all your favorite football matchups.


The NFL has established partnerships with several broadcasting networks, ensuring widespread coverage of its games. These networks acquire broadcasting rights for different time slots, including weekdays, Sundays, Mondays, and Thursdays. Let's delve into the specifics of each time slot and the corresponding channels broadcasting NFL games.

Understanding NFL Broadcasting Rights

To ensure comprehensive coverage of NFL games, the league has granted broadcasting rights to various networks and channels. These rights allow networks to broadcast live games, pre-game shows, post-game analysis, and other NFL-related content. Some of the major networks with NFL broadcasting rights include CBS, Fox, NBC, ESPN, NFL Network, and Amazon Prime Video.

Weekday NFL Games

While most NFL games are scheduled for Sundays, there are also games played on weekdays. These weekday games offer fans an additional opportunity to enjoy NFL action. Weekday NFL games are typically scheduled on Monday nights, Thursday nights, and occasionally on Saturdays late in the regular season. The broadcasting channels for these weekday games vary based on the specific time slot and network agreements.

Sunday NFL Games

Sundays are synonymous with NFL football, and they feature the highest number of games throughout the season. CBS and Fox are the primary channels broadcasting NFL games on Sundays. CBS holds the rights to broadcast games from the American Football Conference (AFC), while Fox broadcasts games from the National Football Conference (NFC). Both networks provide extensive coverage, including pre-game shows, halftime analysis, and post-game highlights.

Monday Night Football

Monday Night Football holds a special place in NFL history and tradition. It features a marquee matchup each week and is broadcasted on ESPN. Monday Night Football has become a staple for football fans, providing an exciting primetime slot for intense games and memorable moments. ESPN's coverage includes pre-game analysis, live game broadcast, halftime reports, and post-game discussions.

Thursday Night Football

Thursday Night Football has gained popularity in recent years, offering fans an early start to their football-filled weekends. The broadcasting channel for Thursday Night Football games is subject to change each season. In the past, games were primarily broadcasted on NFL Network. However, the league has expanded its partnership, allowing select games to be simulcast on other networks such as Fox, CBS, and Amazon Prime Video.

NFL Playoffs and Super Bowl

The NFL playoffs are a thrilling culmination of the regular season, leading up to the highly anticipated Super Bowl. The broadcasting channels for playoff games vary based on the game's schedule and round. CBS, Fox, NBC, and ESPN are the primary networks involved in broadcasting playoff games, with each network covering specific rounds and matchups. The Super Bowl, the grand finale of the NFL season, is typically broadcasted on a major network, such as CBS, NBC, or Fox.

NFL RedZone and Other Coverage Options

For fans who want to catch all the action from multiple games simultaneously, NFL RedZone is the go-to channel. NFL RedZone provides live coverage of all touchdowns and significant plays from every Sunday afternoon game. It switches between games to ensure viewers don't miss any crucial moments. NFL RedZone is available on select cable and satellite providers, as well as streaming platforms.

Apart from NFL RedZone, other channels and platforms offer additional coverage options. This includes ESPN2, which occasionally broadcasts games simultaneously with ESPN, and NBC Sports for Sunday Night Football coverage. Additionally, some regional sports networks may have coverage of local teams, providing in-depth analysis and post-game shows.

Streaming Options for NFL Games

In the digital age, streaming platforms have become increasingly popular for watching NFL games. Services such as CBS All Access, Fox Sports, NBC Sports, ESPN+, Amazon Prime Video, and NFL Game Pass offer live streaming options for NFL games. These platforms require a subscription or, in some cases, a specific cable provider login. Streaming games provides flexibility and convenience, allowing fans to watch games on their preferred devices.

International Broadcasting of NFL Games

The popularity of the NFL extends beyond the United States, and the league has made efforts to cater to its international fanbase. NFL games are broadcasted internationally through various channels and networks. Depending on the region, international fans can watch games on networks like Sky Sports (UK), TSN (Canada), and ESPN (Latin America), among others. The availability of channels may vary by country and licensing agreements.

Local Broadcasts and Blackout Restrictions

For fans who want to support their local teams, local broadcasting channels play a vital role. These channels have rights to broadcast games featuring the local team, ensuring fans can cheer on their favorite players. However, it's important to note that some games may be subject to blackout restrictions. Blackout restrictions occur when a game does not sell out and, as a result, cannot be televised in the local market. This is done to encourage attendance at the stadium.

Factors Influencing Channel Selection

When determining the channel for NFL games, several factors come into play. One significant factor is regional coverage, as certain networks have exclusive rights to broadcast games in specific regions. Additionally, personal team preferences may influence the channel selection. Fans who have a particular affinity for a specific team may prioritize channels that provide extensive coverage of their team's games.

Checking TV Listings and Online Resources

To find the channel for NFL games on a given day, checking TV listings is crucial. Many newspapers, TV network websites, and online resources provide daily listings of NFL games and their corresponding channels. These listings offer a comprehensive view of all the games scheduled for a particular day, helping fans plan their viewing experience. Additionally, the official NFL website and mobile apps provide game schedules and broadcast information.

Social Media and Mobile Apps

In the digital era, social media and mobile apps play a significant role in keeping fans updated about NFL games. NFL teams, networks, and the league itself have a strong presence on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. These platforms provide real-time updates, game highlights, and behind-the-scenes content. Additionally, mobile apps such as the official NFL app, ESPN app, and team-specific apps offer game scores, news, and video highlights.


Being aware of the channels broadcasting NFL games is essential for avid football fans. Whether it's Sunday afternoon, Monday night, or a thrilling playoff matchup, knowing where to find the games ensures you don't miss any of the action. From traditional broadcasting networks to streaming platforms, a wide range of options are available to cater to different preferences and viewing habits. So grab your snacks, get comfortable, and tune in to the channel of your choice to enjoy the excitement of NFL games.


  1. How can I find the channel for NFL games in my area?

    • You can find the channel for NFL games in your area by checking TV listings in your local newspaper, visiting the official NFL website, or using mobile apps that provide game schedules and broadcast information.
  2. Are all NFL games broadcasted on national channels?

    • While many NFL games are broadcasted on national channels like CBS, Fox, NBC, ESPN, and NFL Network, some games may have regional restrictions or be exclusive to local channels.
  3. Can I stream NFL games for free?

    • Streaming options for NFL games typically require a subscription or cable provider login. However, some platforms may offer free trials or limited free streaming options. Check the specific platforms for more details.
  4. Is NFL RedZone available on all streaming platforms?

    • NFL RedZone availability depends on the streaming platform or cable/satellite provider. It is best to check with the specific platform or provider for NFL RedZone access.
  5. What happens if a game is blacked out in my area?

    • If a game is blacked out in your area due to not selling out, you may not be able to watch it on local TV channels. However, you can still catch the game through alternative channels like NFL RedZone or streaming platforms that offer nationwide coverage.

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